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Welcome to Tennessee!

Welcome to Tennessee!

We absolutely love Tennessee for her music, great nature sights and wonderful people. Our capital city, Nashville, is well known for its music and hot chicken. Its also home to Centennial park, which is a must-see because of the full-scale replica of the Parthenon. There are hundreds of great waterfalls, caves, and long or short hiking trails to enjoy. There’s so much more Tennessee has to offer and we hope you love it as well.

Individual and Family Health Insurance

Now to the more practical side of things, what about new health insurance? For many people and their Families, the Marketplace will provide the best and most affordable option for health insurance. If you’ve moved to Tennessee within the last 60 days, and you had qualifying health insurance, this will qualify you for a special enrollment period. Normally, you would have to enroll during open enrollment which is November 1st through January 15nth. However, with a life change as big as moving and losing your previous insurance, the marketplace will allow you to enroll in new insurance (if it has been more than 60 days then it may be to late, but we can still help you find other insurance). 

Insurance is complicated so where do I start?

There are six Insurance Carriers in TN that offer insurance through the Marketplace, but not all of them service each county. To narrow this number down and see which carriers are in your area, use the “get a quote and apply now” link at the top of our website (or click here) and fill in your information. You may leave out as much information as you would like but in order to give you a quote on insurance, they will at least need your zip code, age and number of applicants and an estimated income (the income information is to show you if you qualify for a subsidy, which is what makes marketplace insurance the best option for many people but it is not required). Putting in your zip code will automatically filter the insurance carriers that are not in your area and will help your search. On the the right hand side under “carriers” you will see their names. Once you find which carriers are in your area, use our Guide (at the top or click here) to help give you some basic information on these carriers. Also feel free to call us 615-528-1227 or schedule a time that works for you and we’ll call you!

What are the good hospitals in my Area?

If you already know some people from your area, ask them and they might be able to get you started. If not, simply google the best hospitals for your city. We would be more than happy to assist you with any of this. As you research keep in mind that when it comes to hospitals, there will always be people who have had negative experiences there, even if the hospital is in the top ratings in the state. 

Another reason you want to research a little about the hospitals or doctors in your area is because marketplace plans in TN use the EPO style networks. This means they contract with healthcare providers so that you can be covered when you go to them. If they are not contracted then they are out of network and you will not be covered unless you are in an emergency. 

If there are not any doctors you know about, you can search for the doctors in your area that are accepting new patient on any insurance carrier’s website site to see who is in the area and accepts your insurances.

Key Hospitals in TN

While you may have to check and see what your local hospitals are, we will list the well known ones in the major cities. For Nashville, Vanderbilt is considered the best by many people. They also have an excellent Childress hospital as well. St Thomas is also very good along with Tristar. For Knoxville look to Parkwest and UT Medical center. In Memphis, Baptist Memorial and Methodist (Le Bonheur) Hospitals. And for Chattanooga there is CHI Memorial and Erlanger. If you have Hospitals in your home state that you love, google them as well to see how they are rated by the public to help you compare. 

Even if people do not expect to go to these hospitals, they feel safer knowing there are great hospitals that their plan will cover them in if they need it. Some people will choose a plan that does not have these hospitals for a number of reasons, but they know that if they do need them, they can change to a plan that has these major hospitals when open enrollment comes around. 

Use our guide and reach out to us for help!

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us or schedule an appointment! We would love to help you in any way we can! (615-528-1227)


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