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Why you want to take advantage of Tennessee Health Insurance

The Quick Answer

Tennessee Health Insurance Agents save you time, stress, and in some cases even money. We provide trustable guidance and knowledge about health insurance that makes it understandable. With an agent helping you, the amount you need to learn about the complicated insurance world is reduced drastically, which I’m sure comes as a relief for any of you who have pulled half your hair out trying to navigate these muddy waters.

Why an Agent?

Everyone needs Health Insurance. If you don’t agree with that claim, another article of ours may change your mind (here is the link to it). But deciding that you want health insurance is where more questions arise such as, “where is the best place to apply?” “Can I afford health insurance for me and my family?” “Which plan is right for me and my family?” There is no end to these questions and the vastness of the health insurance world makes it difficult to find answers if you are new to it. This is where our expertise comes into play. Even if you are familiar with insurance, we can still save you the time and stress that you might spend trying to deal with health insurance all on your own. Our job is to work with the Obamacare Marketplace and the Health Insurance Carriers in order to best assist you. We can quickly narrow down the almost 100 plans available in TN to a handful that best meet your needs and budget, allowing you to make an accurate decision that saves you time and money. Once we’ve helped you find the right plan, you have two options. Enroll on your own at your own convenience and call us if you run into any problems, or the other option would be to call us and we can do the enrollment over the phone for you.

Help throughout the year

If ever a problem does arise, it’s easier for us to resolve it since we are used to contacting the Federal Marketplace and insurance carriers. We know the lingo and are familiar with the systems which makes it easier for us to find and understand the solutions rather than you worrying or figuring it out on your own. We help you resolve claims issues between your healthcare provider (doctor) and health insurance carrier. We help you keep your account information updated and make sure that plan’s status is as it should be.

New Year

Plans only last a year and therefore they have to be renewed for the next year. When you renew your plan with us we make sure that there isn’t another plan that is similar yet offers better prices since the plans usually change prices each year. You can keep your old plan or try a new one if you find that to be the better option.

We’d love to talk to you and answer any questions you have or show you what is available on the marketplace.

Give us a call! 615-528-1227

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