Dental Insurance

Most dental services are not covered by medical plans today. If you are looking for coverage to help pay for the expected expense of preventive care for your teeth and gums, and those unexpected high costs for dental repairs, you will need to purchase a dental insurance plan. There are several different types of dental plans on the market today that we can help you with. Some plans have waiting periods before they cover services and some do not.

Traditional Dental Plans

These plans are the most common plans and cover a wide range of services. Types of services covered usually fall under 3 main categories; Preventive, Basic and Major services, and are covered accordingly. There are different waiting periods for each category. (A waiting period is the time you must wait before certain services are covered from the effective date of the policy.) The services are covered differently based on these categories. There is also a maximum dollar amount of services that the plan will pay for each year.

  • Preventive Services, such as a cleaning and oral exam, are typically covered from the effective date of the plan, meaning there is no waiting period for services to be covered. Many plans cover these services at 100%. The deductible is typically waved for preventive services, but you should ask to make sure.
  • Basic Services, such as a filling or extraction of a tooth typically have a 6 month waiting period. Many traditional plans cover these services at 70% or 80% after a small deductible is met.
  • Major Services, such as a root canal or crown typically have a 12 month waiting period. Many plans cover these services at 50% after a small deductible is met.

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